DAUD De' Ferrara

A monarch in brand identity & Corporate image, Daud is the highest-paid Branding authority renown for his expertise in aggressive visual positioning, easily being considered "world-class" by his clientele.


"I partner with c-level executives, owners and agencies from all over the world and offer my expertise to ambitious and assertive brands that run a steady 7+ figure top line.

I personally work with brands to polish the primary visual elements of their identity to the highest degree so that their perception stays aggressive, dominant and relevant, as well as ensure they elude the risk of revenue loss from failed branding/rebranding efforts."


IF you do not bend, you break.™

"I saw the troubles that CEOs and founders would face, so I decided that learning the skills myself and offering personal advice and services to my clientele would better help them- instead of working for some agency. I do what they do, and I'm one person. Why clients choose to work with me instead is because I'm willing to listen and understand their troubles and perspective."

Daud de' Ferrara extends his hand exclusively to flourishing brands and corporations that are determined to keep their brand identity original.

A single ambition has allowed Daud to set himself apart from others. Rather than working for an agency that provides branding services and employs hundreds of individuals for basic tasks, Daud de' Ferrara honed and learned the necessary skills that these firms provided and offers his personal expertise to key decision-makers of growing brands and large companies.